Model motion to support Trade Union conference and #M17 demo


Stand Up To Racism model motion – (download here SUTR-TU-model-motion-2017)

This branch / committee / organisation notes

  • May’s government is weak but nasty. It depends on the DUP to survive.
  • We are seeing a growth in the racist and sometimes fascist right from Trump’s election in the US to the electoral successes for the Front National in France, the AfD (Alternative for Germany) and the Freedom Party in Austria.
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Anti-racist campaigners to join Lord Alf Dubs to send off Calais delegation as part of #Coats4Calais

5pm Friday 8th December, Downing Street
Facebook event here
The send-off,  at which Lord Alf Dubs, author of the Dubs Amendment will be present along with other campaigners including Bruce Kent, Rabbi Lee Wax and Louise Regan – NEU NUT Section President amongst others, will take place at 5pm at Downing Street on the evening of Friday 8 December.
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