Solidarity with Calais Migrants: Sign statement condemning Cameron and Hammond’s racist remarks about Calais!

Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond’s latest comments that millions of “marauding migrants” from Africa were a “threat” to Europe is an ugly escalation of the dehumanising language the government has been using to describe what is in fact a global humanitarian crisis. These comments follow those made by David Cameron who last month disgracefully spoke of migrants in Calais as a “swarm”.

Hammond said that Europe would not be able to protect its “standard of living and social infrastructure” if it had to absorb millions of migrants from Africa. These comments are astonishing given the impact that Tory austerity has had on the living standards of millions of people in the UK over the past five years.  Their economic policies pose a far greater threat to the population’s standard of living than African migrants.

Stand Up To Racism condemns both Hammond and Cameron’s recent scaremongering comments. We call on all antiracists, trade unionists, politicians, students and faith groups to stand in opposition to the dehumanisation of those fleeing wars, famine and repression.  The attacks on migrants and refugees are not removed from the assault we all face on our living standards from the government’s austerity measures. With this in mind, it is crucial we stand in solidarity with migrants and against racism.

What you can do:
•       Add your name, organisation or Trade Union branch to this statement by emailing
•       Join the Stand Up to Racism contingent on the TUC and People’s Assembly Anti-Austerity Demonstration on October 4th in Manchester
•       Send a message of support to the Migrants and Refugees in Calais via Stand Up to Racism
•       Organise solidarity events in your area such as Love Music Hate Racism gigs, collections and stalls

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