Antiracists head to Calais for weekend of solidarity with refugees


Photo: Geoff Dexter
Rally in the camp where refugee solidarity statement was launched. Photo: Geoff Dexter

Delegations from Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Essex travelled to Calais last weekend as part of the Stand Up to Racism Winter Appeal.

The purpose of the appeal was to raise funds for organisations working with refugees in the “Jungle” camp and put renewed pressure on the UK government to do more for refugees living in atrocious winter conditions. … Read the rest

Don’t Let Them Freeze: Calais Winter Appeal 12-13 December

Refugees welcome here picture

Stand Up To Racism’s Calais Winter Appeal is taking place at a key political moment. Thousands of refugees across Europe could freeze this winter in border camps because of the inadequate response of governments such as our own.

European governments are preparing to invest millions of euros into the Greece/Turkey border to further fortify fortress Europe. … Read the rest