Stand Up to Trump Committee formed

Scrap Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain

Mass organisations from across society formed the Stand Up to Trump Committee today.

The meeting was attended by a broad range of trade unions, women’s groups, Muslim organisations and political campaigning organisations united in opposing the policies of the US President and his planned visit to Britain. … Read the rest

Build the Movement against Trump: March against Racism Saturday 18 March 2017

View from stage of Saturday's massive demo against Trump's Muslim ban
View from the stage at Saturday’s massive demo against Trump’s Muslim ban

Saturday’s magnificent 40k strong demonstration in London shows the scale of opposition to Trump’s Muslim Ban and his forthcoming state visit to the UK. The appeal court’s decision to rule against Trump’s ban being reinstated has not came about in a vaccum but as a result of the pressure put on the government both in the US and around the world.

 … Read the rest