Affiliate to Stand Up To Racism


After the fantastic Stand Up To Racism demos in London, Glasgow and Cardiff, now is the time for your trade union branch or campaign group to affiliate.

This branch/committee/organisation notes

• The fallout from the EU referendum has seen the Tories using EU citizens as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations. Disgracefully they have turned away unaccompanied child refugees

• The government is still scapegoating migrants and refugees, and attacking Muslims with its Prevent Agenda.

• The election of Donald Trump, his Muslim ban and intention to build a wall to keep out Mexican migrants has led to a global wave of protests.

• The far right in Europe has built support against a backdrop of growing Islamophobia and the targeting of refugees.

We believe

• That we must combat attempts to divide and rule ordinary people.

• We believe Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow home secretary Diane Abbott are correct to defend the rights of EU nationals and to stress the positive role that migrant workers play.

• It’s not migrants and refugees who undermine wages and public services – it’s cuts and austerity.

We resolve

• To affiliate to Stand Up To Racism (SUTR), to publicise its national and local initiatives to our members and to send a representative to sit on our local Stand Up To Racism committee.

Name of union (plus branch/region, if applicable) • student union • campaign:

Contact name


Annual affiliation rates (please circle): Local trade union branch/
student union/campaign: £50 • Regional: £200 • National: £500

Please make cheques payable to ‘Stand Up To Racism’.
Return this form to: SUTR, PO Box 72710, London SW19 9GX.