Anti-racists condemn Trump’s racist comments on ‘shithole’ countries

Anti-racists condemn Trump’s racist comments on ‘shithole’

Trump’s description of African nations and Haiti and El Salvador as ‘shitholes’ has caused outrage around the world, meeting
with condemnation from the UN to the Pope.

While US diplomats have been berated 55 African nations have called the comments ‘clearly racist’.

Trumps language echoes that of white supremacists and the slave trade era.

The idea that Theresa May has even considered this man coming to Britain is disgraceful.

Stand Up To Racism has called for a response to Trump’s overt
racism with a series of ‘knock down the racist wall’ events on
Saturday 20 January to marks his first year in office.

We will be gathering at 2pm at the US embassy and at events across Britain. (See link here).

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism said: ‘We condemn Trump’s racism against African nations, Haiti and El Salvador, his Muslim ban and oppose his $18 billion racist ‘border wall’.

The world has rightly united in opposition to Trump’s racist
outburst. We will not allow him to normalise this behaviour’

Opposition to Trump’s racism will also be at the heart of the national demonstration called to mark UN anti-racism day on 17 March.

Stand Up To Racism is organising national demonstrations in
London, Cardiff and Glasgow on Saturday 17 March to Mark UN
anti-racism day. These protests have widespread support across the labour and trade union movement and from faith communities. (See link here).