Campaigners step up mobilisation against Trump visit as US Supreme Court implements Muslim ban

Campaigners step up mobilisation against Trump visit as US Supreme Court implements Muslim ban
The US Supreme Court has backed Donald Trumps travel ban.

This means that the court is allowing the ban on people from 6 mainly Muslim countries.

On the back of Trump’s retweets of Islamophobia from the fascist Britain First, it seems The US President is out to ramp up the scapegoating of the Muslim community.

Anti-racists will not allow Trump’s Islamophobia to go unchallenged.

With rumours that Trump could be set to visit Britain we pledge our support for the biggest possible demonstration against any visit by the US president.

Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up To Racism Co-Convenor said:
“During the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised a “Total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States. Combined with his retweeting of material clearly designed to whip up anti-Muslim hatred propogated by the fascist Britain First, there could not be any more compelling evidence that this ban is designed to demonize and persecute Muslims.”
“Trump’s Islamophobia normalises and emboldens violent racism. We can not allow him to enter Britain and promote his hate filled agenda here.”
Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism Co-Convenor said:
“This ban is a punitive attempt to harrass Muslims by a president who has appeased the Nazi group Britain First. We send solidarity to all those in the US fighting to overturn this ban and Trump’s racist agenda.
“Trump must not be allowed to spread his racism, Islamophobia, Misogyny and homophobia in Britain. If he is, he will be met with the biggest demonstration this country has ever seen telling him to get out.”
Notes to Editors:
1. Stand Up To Racism is a national campaigning organisation supported by major trade unions, faith and community leaders and politicians. They organise the annual March Against Racism on UN Anti-Racism day which this year was attended by over 30,000 people. Next year’s demonstration takes place on 17 March
2. Should Trump be granted a visit to Britain, a major demonstration will take place involving a broad range of organisations opposed to his agenda. A facebook event has been created at
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