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FLA, the mask slips

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) have increased in their Islamophobia and racism, in recent weeks. John Meighan, FLA founder, revealed his true colours in defending Donald Trump after even Theresa May had criticised Trump for retweeting the fascist group, Britain First. … Read the rest

ARTICLE: There’s only one response should Trump visit Britain

By Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up To Racism Co-Convenor

FOR anyone on the receiving end of the enormous rise in hate crime over the last 18 months, the question of whether Donald Trump visits Britain is not an abstract debate.

At a time when the most high-profile politician in the world is flagrantly promoting racist lies to whip up anti-Muslim hatred, the prospect of his visit poses the clear danger of a further spike in violent persecution and harassment.

 … Read the rest

Anti-racists protest against McDonalds Islamophobic ban

Anti-Racists protest against McDonalds Islamophobic ban

Dozens of local people joined a Stand Up To Racism protest at Holloway Road McDonalds today.

They were responding to an incident at the outlet yesterday. A young woman wearing a hijab was barred from entry at this branch of McDonald’s  on “security grounds”.

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