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Lily Allen covering ‘Going To A Town’ by Rufus Wainwright at our #StandUpToTrump protest @ US Embassy

We were delighted to announce the special guest appearance of Lily Allen last Friday 20 January at our #StandUpToTrump protest outside the US Embassy in London.

Lily performed an amazing cover of ‘Going To A Town’ by Rufus Wainwright:

Make sure you join us for a #MarchAgainstRacism on 18th March 2017 in Central London to mark UN Anti-Racism Day. … Read the rest

Big rallies across the country aimed at confronting the rise in racism

Photo: Geoff Dexter
Photo: Geoff Dexter




Birmingham SUTR Rally 2 November

Birmingham’s Stand Up to Racism rally was the best anti-racist meeting in the city for years, the audience reflecting the wide diversity of the city’s people.

Over 130 people packed the hall to listen to speakers including Roger McKenzie, Unison Assistant Gen Sec, Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party 2012-16, Harish Patel, Unite National Officer for Equalities, Majid Mahmood, Labour Councillor Hodge Hill, Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi, Birmingham Progressive Synagogue, Kadisha Brown-Burrell, Kingsley Burrell Campaign, Andrew Scattergood, FBU West Midlands Brigade Chair, James Bahoum, GRAB Gambia, Weyman Bennett, SUTR co-convenor and Sonya Bennete a Black Lives Matter activist from the US who spoke via Skype. … Read the rest

SUTR conference videos

On Saturday 8 October over 1500 people – including Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Alf Dubs – launched a mass movement against racism. We want to build a network of activists to support refugees and confront racism, islamophobia and antisemitism.


Plenary: Building a movement against racism, islamophobia and antisemitism that welcomes refugees
Live streamed during the event


  • Jeremy Corbyn – Labour Party leader
  • Alf Dubs – Labour peer, Kindertransport refugee and initiator of the Dubs amendment
  • nahella Ashraf – Manchester Stand up to Racism
  • Diane Abbott – MP & Stand up to Racism president
  • Harun Rashid Khan – Muslin Council of Britainm secretary general
  • Edie Friedman – Jewish Council for Racial Equality, executive director
  • Siema Iqbal – GP and columnist, MEND
  • Alex Kenny – NUT NEC
  • Malia Bouattia – NUS president
  • Gloria Mills – TUC executive & general council
  • Rashid Nix – Green Party equalities spokesperson



Plenary: Confronting the rise of racism, islamophobia and antisemitism
Live streamed during the event


  • Claude Moraes – Labour MEP
  • Sally Hunt – UCU general secretary
  • Weymann Bennett – Stand up to Racism co-convenor
  • Judith Benda – Die Linke Executive (Germany)
  • Muhbeen Hussain – Rotherham 12 Campaign
  • Petros Constantinou – Keerfa (Movement Against Racism and Fascism, Greece)
  • Salma Yaqoob




Workshop: Europe and the renewed Threat of the Far-Right


  • Petros Constantinou – KEERFA (Movement Against Racism & Fascism, Greece)
  • Judith Benda – Die Linke executive (Germany)
  • Claude Moraes – Labour MEP
  • David Rosenberg – Cable Street 80



Workshop: Prevent, the extremism bill and the defence of civil liberties


  • Moazzam Begg – former Guantanamo Bay detainee
  • Shelly Asquith – NUS VP welfare
  • Brian Richardson – UAF assistant secretary
  • Azad Ali – MEND director of engagement



Workshop: Brexit: oppose racist violence, defend migrant rights


  • Lucia Pradella – lecturer and migrant rights campaigner
  • Don Flynn – Migrants Rights Network director
  • Zak Cochrane – Stand Up To Racism
  • Barbara Ntumy – NUS Black Students Campaign
  • Łukasz Bemka – BFAWU




Workshop: From the USA to Britain: Black Lives Matter


  • Kadisha Burrell – Justice for Kingsley Burrell
  • Gary McFarlane – journalist and Black Lives Matter activist
  • Capres Turner – organiser of BLM demonstration at the US embassy




Workshop: Islamophobia Burkini Bans and the Rise in Islamophobic Hate Crimes


  • Nahella Ashraf – Manchester Stand Up To Racism
  • Dr Siema Iqbal – GP and columnist, MEND
  • Rob Ferguson – Newham Stand Up To Racism
  • Khalil Charles – Muslim Association of Britain




Workshop: Love Music Hate Racism


  • Roger Huddle – Rock Against Racism founding member
  • Lola Olafisoye – Spektrum, vocalist
  • Dave Randall – Musician with Faithless & Slovo




Workshop: Challenging austerity and racism: showing solidarity with migrant workers


  • Petros Elia – United Voices of the World union
  • Consuelo Moreno Yustil – Justice for Cleaners, SOAS
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy – Society of Black Lawyers




Workshop: Refugees Welcome Here


  • Alf Dubs – Kindertransport refugee and initiator of the Dubs amendment
  • Consuelo Moreno Yustil – Justice for Cleaners, SOAS
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy – Society of Black Lawyers

 … Read the rest