Giles Fraser, Salma Yaqoob, Tariq Ali and Trade Union leaders to address march against Trump’s Muslim travel ban – Saturday 4 Feb US Embassy

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Giles Fraser, Salma Yaqoob, Tariq Ali and Trade Union leaders to address march against Trump’s Muslim travel ban – Saturday 4 Feb US Embassy

A coalition of Muslim community groups, trade unions, anti-racist and anti-war campaigners will be protesting Donald Trump’s ban on seven majority Muslim countries which has received worldwide condemnation and international protest (for further details see below).

Azad Ali, Director of Community Engagement MEND said:

“Together with all people that are against hate, discrimination and division, the Muslim community is coming out to challenge the policies of hate by Donald Trump.  We unite with all those who stand  together for humanity.  This focus on the Muslim community is setting a dangerous precedent.  Singling out any one community results in whipping up  a climate of hatred that eventually impacts on everyone and drives society backwards”

Andrew Murray Unite the Union said:

“Unite fully supports the protest against Trumps racist immigration ban. This is just one part of the threat Trump presents, and the British government should have no part in supporting him and should withdraw the state visit invitation.”

Sabby Dhalu Co-Convenor Stand Up To Racism said:

“It is no accident that the terrorist attack on a Mosque in Quebec took place after Trump’s Muslim ban announcement.  There is a direct link between attacks on the street and the racist policies and the hate speech of politicians.  Muslims are portrayed as perpetrators of terrorism but in reality across the globe they are the majority of the victims of terrorism. The people traveling to the US from the seven countries they have banned are fleeing terrorism, war and persecution but this is being forgotten in the midst of the racist hysteria that Trump has unleashed. The chosen target of attack is Muslims and Mexicans, but tomorrow it will be women, LGBT communities, Jews, trade unions and others. We call on everyone who stands against Trump’s politics of hate to join us tomorrow.”

Mohammed Kozbar Vice-President, Muslim Association of Britain said:

“Our government has chosen to be hand in hand with someone who wants ban refugees and target Muslims. This is the anathema to everything Britain stands for, which is why it is more important than ever to stand together to defend civil rights and tolerance.”

Lindsey German Convenor, Stop The War Coalition said:

“We are marching tomorrow to say no to Donald Trump and to his state visit here, which is an absolute insult to British people. Theresa May is desperate not to criticise him because of the supposed ‘special relationship’. That relationship has never benefited people in this country, but with Trump it is totally dangerous. We do not want to be dragged into another war. We oppose his ban on Muslims which will increase racism and – far from containing terrorism – is likely to increase terrorism.”

Stop Muslim Travel Ban – Stop May Supporting It
Sat 4 February
Assemble 11am at US Embassy (- followed by march to Downing Street)
24 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1A 2LQ

Editors notes:

Speakers include:

Catherine West MP
Dawn Butler MP
Video messages from Jeremy Corbyn MP and Peter Hain
Tariq Ali
Giles Fraser
Salma Yaqoob
Andrew Murray, Unite The Union General Secretary
Rebecca Johnson The Green Party
Kevin Courtney, NUT General Secretary
Statement from Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary
Zita Holbourne, PCS
Talha Ahmad, Muslim Council of Britain
Aaron Kiely Friends of the Earth
Salena Godden, Poet and Writer, “The Good Immigrant”
Azad Ali  MEND Director of Community Engagement
Faduma Hassan Momentum
Moazzam Begg Former Guantanamo Detainee
Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis BMA
Omer El Hamdoon President, Muslim Association of Britain
Malia Bouattia, NUS President
Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up To Racism
Ismail Patel Friends of Al-Aqsa
Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism
Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition
John Rees, People’s Assembly Against Austerity
David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialist Group
Ben Jamal, Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary
Oktay Shabaz SPOT
Robb Johnson singer

Demonstration has been called by : Stand Up To Racism, MEND, Stop The War Coalition, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Association of Britain. Supported by CND and Friends of Al-Aqsa