Let the Calais refugee kids in – Join the protest outside the Royal Court of Justice 28 Feb

Let the Calais refugee children in

Join the protest outside the Royal Court of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL, on 28th Feb and March 1st at 9.30am

This case has been brought to the court by solicitors representing an Afghan minor (ZS) who has lived in the Calais ‘Jungle.

They are bringing a challenge against the Secretary of State, Amber Rudd, for failing in her duties under ‘Dubs Amendment’.

When the dubs amendment was passed the intention of the House of Lords was for 3000 unaccompanied asylum seeking children to be relocated into the UK.

When it was passed law they did not specify numbers. The Home Office pledged to relocate 480 children under the scheme however. As of 23 January, 2018, only 230 children have been relocated from Europe to the UK under the provision.

ZS, is one of the hundreds of Calais children rejected by the Secretary of State and her harsh implementation of the Dubs amendment. The rules have been changed so many times that it is very difficult for any rules to be applied consistently.

ZS and most of the Calais children remain in France, but even after their treatment at the hands of the French authorities many still hope to be relocated to the UK.

Join us and all those who want to stop the cruel and heartless action by this government against refugee children to protest and to say to the High Court judges to allow the refugee children in.

For more information contact info@standuptoracism.org.uk