March against racism – UN Anti-Racism Day, Saturday 17 March 2018

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What is UN Anti-Racism Day?

The UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was inaugurated in 1966 to commemorate the  1960 Sharpeville massacre which saw 69 anti-apartheid  protestors killed and 178 wounded for taking to the streets against the regime’s racist pass laws.

In commemorating the massacre, the  UN General Assembly called on all world states and organizations to participate in a program of action to combat racism and racial discrimination.

Why demonstrate?

We are facing a massive rise in racism in Britain and across the globe.

Migrants and refugees are being scapegoated for the effects of austerity, while EU nationals are used as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations.

The whipping up of anti-Muslim hysteria in the press has led to a dramatic rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of terror attacks in London and Manchester, with visible Muslim women the primary target.

Rampant institutional racism is being felt through a spate of deaths in police custody, the tragedy at Grenfell and systematic discrimination in employment and Hosuing.

Trump’s Muslim ban, his racist ‘wall’ project and equivocation over white supremacist and fascist marches have led to a climate of racism and fear across the US.

Meanwhile In Europe, the rise of the Freedom Party in Austria, Front National in France and AfD in Germany are signs of a resurgence of the far right which requires a serious and coordinated effort to turn back.

If we are to defeat the rise of racism, we need a united movement of everyone who opposes it. The #MarchAgainstRacism is a chance to bring that movement together and show that we will not be silent. In the face of this historic challenge we need to make 2018’s march the biggest yet.

Who else will be marching?

As well as London, Cardiff and Glasgow, cities across Europe will be taking to the streets. Last year demonstrations took place in Paris, Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam and Vienna to name just a few, and next year even more cities are set to join in, including a march in the US.

How can I get involved?

The first step is to join the facebook event and invite all your friends! You can also sign up to our newsletter by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Rallies will be taking place across the country in advance of the demo. Find transport to London here or contact your local group.   You can find details for your local group on the left of the Stand Up To Racism homepage. You can also Download the demo leaflet here

This demonstration and actions all year round against racism, Islamophobia and anti-racism can only happen with your help. We rely exclusively on member and affiliate donations, so if you’d like to support our work please click on the link below.

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