UCU Stands Up to Racism and Welcomes Refugees


At their annual conference last week, the University and College lecturers’ union, UCU, successfully passed several excellent motions which strengthen the union’s existing policy on fighting racism, ending the Prevent agenda and welcoming refugees.

As the Tories and the press ramp up the racist and Islamophobic narrative in the run up to next week’s EU referendum, it is important that Equality was the common thread that ran through every section of the debates at UCU’s conference and that a leading education union is arming its members with a strong campaigning mandate and funding resources to tackle these issues. … Read the rest

PETITION: Investigate Farage’s comments linking migration to sexual assaults

Sign the petition for the Electoral Commission to investigate Nigel Farage’s comments at https://www.change.org/p/uk-electoral-commission-investigate-farage-s-comments-linking-migration-to-sexual-assaults


Following inflammatory statements by Nigel Farage linking sexual assaults with immigration, we call on the Electoral Commission to investigate Farage.

His comments earlier this week implied sexual assaults on women could be a consequence of a remain vote in the EU referendum, describing it as a “nuclear bomb”. … Read the rest