Don’t Let Them Freeze: Calais Winter Appeal 12-13 December

Refugees welcome here picture

Stand Up To Racism’s Calais Winter Appeal is taking place at a key political moment. Thousands of refugees across Europe could freeze this winter in border camps because of the inadequate response of governments such as our own.

European governments are preparing to invest millions of euros into the Greece/Turkey border to further fortify fortress Europe. … Read the rest

Hundreds gather to show solidarity at Finsbury Park Mosque

Finsbury Park Mosque 1

Hundreds gathered outside Finsbury Park Mosque on Friday evening (4 Dec) to show solidarity with the local Muslim community following an attempted arson attack on the mosque.  Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn whose constituency covers Finsbury Park Mosque said; “if that attack is designed to divide our community between one faith and another, one ethnic group and another, or one people and another, it has failed, it will always fail because we are very proud of our multicultural community here in Finsbury Park.”

Finsbury Park Mosque 2

There were speeches from the leaders of the different faith communities in the borough as well from Catherine West MP, local Councillors, Joint Secretaries of Stand Up to Racism and UAF Sabby Dhalu and Weyman Bennett and more. … Read the rest