Press release: Antiracists slam May’s scapegoating of migrants in manifesto launch


Antiracists slam May’s scapegoating of migrants in manifesto launch
Stand Up to Racism condemns the measures included in the Conservative manifesto that will intensify racism and scapegoating.
Theresa May repeated the pledge to bring net migration down to “tens of thousands”, a policy that could be implemented only by even harsher laws than exist at present.
It is highly dangerous to say “We also believe that immigration should be controlled and reduced, because when immigration is too fast and too high, it is difficult to build a cohesive society.”
The doubling of the £1,000 per year fee for employers to bring in non-EU workers reinforces the idea that foreign workers are a problem and are to be repulsed.
Sabby Dhalu from SUTR said, “A policy to make workers from abroad and overseas students pay more to cover the cost of NHS care will make some unwilling or unable to access treatment. It will also divide patient from patient and suggest that problems in the health service are the fault of people who were not born in Britain.”
Weyman Bennett form SUTR said, “This manifesto is a disgrace. It even says that new NHS numbers won’t be issued to patients until their eligibility has been verified. We have to stop such moves”.
Notes to Editors:
1. Stand Up to Racism has is running a campaign to keep racism out of the election, including a statement signed by parliamentary candidates and trade union leaders. You can see more here
2. Stand Up To Racism is a national campaigning organisation supported by major trade unions, faith and community groups. They annually organise a national march against racism which this March mobilised over 30,000 people
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