Protestors set to gather at Stoke Newington police station, Saturday 29 July over death of Rashan Charles.  

Protestors are set to gather again at Stoke Newington police station this Saturday 29 July over the death of Rashan Charles.
Hundreds of protesters gathered at Stoke Newington police station last Monday night to remember Rashan, who died after contact with police last Saturday.

The vigil was followed by a march to the shop in which Rashan died. The protest later returned to the police station to let them know that we will not rest until justice is served.

Rashan’s father Esa told the vigil ‘I am heartbroken, this has to stop.’

Rashan Charles’s death follows the death just a month ago of Edson Da Costa after he was stopped in his car by the police.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism said, ‘The police are meant to be trained to carry out safe restraint. But the Charles and Da Costa cases show something is going badly wrong’.No police officer has been arrested. No police officer has been suspended.

No senior police officer came to speak to the crowd or the family members present on Monday night.

This death cannot go unpunished. We will be protesting again on Saturday at Stoke Newington police station at 2pm.

We appeal to all Londoners who want to see a truly accountable police force that is cleansed of institutional racism to join us in the fight for justice.

Justice for Rashan.

Event page: here 
The protest will be held at Stoke Newington police station, 33 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 8DS Saturday 29th July 2pm, called by Stand Up To Racism.