Student Stand Up To Racism

Students Against Racism national conference

Students Against Racism national conference hosted by Student Stand Up to Racism and Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND). See facebook event here and register here.

Saturday 3 March, 11.30am-5pm @ Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD, London. Download leaflet.

Speakers include:

Lowkey, rapper • Justice4Grenfell • Janet Alder, Justice for Christopher Alder campaign • Colette Levy, Hidden child from Vichy France • Maz Saleem, daughter of Mohammed Saleem and anti-racist activist • Aman Ali, MEND – Muslim Engagement and Development • Amal Bider, anti-racist activist and Goldsmiths BME officer • Care4Calais • Austrian anti-fascist • Faisal Haji, Kingston SU • Isabel Kingscott, MEND • Naima Omar, Stand Up to Racism

Workshops include:

• Students Stand Up to Trump • Challenging Islamophobia and Prevent on campus • Decolonising our curriculum • Building student solidarity with refugees • Defending migrant students & workers • Challenging antisemitism • LoveMusic HateRacism • Mobilising for the March Against Racism – UN Anti-Racism Day

We’ve seen a rise of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism across Europe. Challenging it is a key priority.

Universities are often at the sharp end of this racism. The government’s Prevent agenda unfairly targets Muslim students, the rights of EU students and staff are being used as a bargaining chip in Brexit, and our curriculums don’t reflect the diverse student body.

This conference, jointly hosted by Stand Up to Racism and Muslim Engagement and Development, aims to bring together students and staff from across the country to discuss how we can build a movement on our campuses to challenge racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism.

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Student coach to Calais on 9 December – solidarity with refugees

Facebook event here 

Stand Up to Racism and Care4Calais are working together to organise a solidarity convoy to Calais on Saturday 9 December. Student Stand Up to Racism are organising a coach for students as part of the convoy. You can book your place on the coach on the eventbrite link here .

The convoy will deliver donations as part of the Winter appeal for refugees still living in Calais and it’s surrounding area. We demand these refugees are allowed into Britain.

Key info:

– We are charging £25 per student. This is to cover the cost of the coach and shuttle to Calais
– The coach will leave at around 7am from Euston station to get on the shuttle from Dover. We will return at around 10pm on the Saturday night.
– Once in Calais, we will be met by Care4Calais who will update us on the situation facing refugees and how they have been building solidarity.
– We encourage you to do what you can to raise donations and solidarity – make collections, pass motions of support in your student unions, collect petitions to demand refugees are let in etc etc

The destruction of the “jungle” camp by French authorities has not ended the refugee crisis, only worsened conditions for refugees, including unaccompanied children. As the weather gets worse we want to make sure that those who have fled poverty and war do not face even worse conditions in France.

The British government has failed miserably to carry out its responsibilities to refugees, taking only a fraction of the unaccompanied refugee children under the Dubs amendment.

While making donations to help refugees we call on Theresa May to act responsibility and take in the 3,000 child refugees suggested by Lord Alf Dubs, himself a survivor of the holocaust thanks to the Kindertransport

Student walk out 20 February – stop Trump, defend migrants

A national day of action has been called against Trump on the day the petition against his state visit is discussed in Parliament. NUS President Malia Bouattia has put a call out for student walk outs across the country, and Student Stand Up to Racism is supporting this call. We’re encouraging students to organise protests, stunts or mass leafletting on your campus on this day.

Confirmed walk outs so far include:

  • Bristol – facebook event here
  • Kingston – facebook event here
  • Manchester – facebook event here
  • Queen Mary’s – facebook event here
  • Sheffield Hallam – facebook event here

Hertfordshire, UCL, Essex and others are making plans for a day of action on their campuses. If you want to set something up on your campus, please get in touch –


Students #StandUpToTrump

The movement against Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry has had students at the heart of it – from those in the US who have stopped the alt-right speaking on campuses, to the students here in the UK who have marched against Theresa May’s Islamophobia.

Student Stand Up to Racism brings together all students who want to fight racism, Islamophobia & antisemitism on campus. Over the past year we’ve organised convoys to Calais, student blocs on protests and have launched a pamphlet against Prevent.

In the coming weeks there are two crucial dates for students to mobilise for:

  • Day of Action against Trump on 20 February: A national day of action has been called against Trump on the day the petition against his state visit is discussed in Parliament. NUS President Malia Bouattia has put a call out for student walk outs, and Student Stand Up to Racism is supporting this call. We’re encouraging students to organised protests, stunts or mass leafletting on your campus on this day.
  • Student bloc on #MarchAgainstRacism – A student bloc has been organised for the March Against Racism on 18 March. Students from outside of London are organising coaches on the day, and London campuses are organising day of mass leafletting.

Please get in touch if you want some help mobilising for these two events – contact us at

Convoy to Calais on 10 December – solidarity with refugeescalais

Student Stand Up to Racism is organising a student coach on the Stand Up to Racism winter convoy to France to show solidarity with refugees. Those in the camp in Calais have seen their homes demolished and face racism from Marine Le Pen and the Front National. We say these refugees should be let into Britain.

We’re encouraging students to raise money and donations in your workplaces, universities and communities to take over to refugee camps in France on 10 December. Once in Calais, we’ll be holding a meeting with volunteers on the ground, refugees, and anti-racists in France. We’ll also be helping out in the distribution centres.

We’ll be leaving London early on Saturday 10 December and will return late that night.

Unfortunately due to costs of the coach and the ferry, we’re having to charge £25 per seat on the coach. We encourage students to ask their student unions, UCU branches, local Stand Up to Racism groups to sponsor them for the trip, and to do a report back meeting on the trip. Please get in touch if you would like help doing this, or if you have any questions

To register your place, please message our facebook page or email, and we’ll give you info about how to book a seat.

See the facebook event here

Plans for the autumn term


Student Stand Up to Racism aims to build a network of activists who can respond to racism on campus.

We’ve organised convoys to Calais, mass meetings on campuses and student blocs on protests.

At our recent organising meeting we agreed on the following anti-racist initiatives in the coming months:

  • November (Islamophobia Awareness Week) – Student SUTR has organized a joint week of action with MEND against Islamophobia in education, starting on November 21st. We hope to have as many events as possible – panel discussions, SU events, MEND islamophobia exhibition, islamophobia workshops etc
  • 19 November – SUTR bloc on UCU & NUS demo. Facebook event here 
  • 10 December – National day of student action in support of refugees, including student convoy to refugee camps in France. This should be accompanied by fundraising and political events in the lead up to Dec 10 to raise awareness for it.
  • 27 January -2017 – Holocaust memorial day

If you want to get involved with Student Stand Up to Racism, or want to set something up at your university or college, email us at or message us on our facebook page

Student Stand Up to Racism statement on the building of a wall in Calais

Build a wall, and whose going to pay for it?

The mindless politics of Donald Trump has arrived in Calais with Robert Goodswill announcing plans to build a £1.9 million wall to keep refugees out of the U.K.

This head in the sand response to the refugee crisis would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

Unicefs announcement that there are now 8 million child refugees and 50 million child migrants worldwide shows the scale of the crisis.

But rather than acting on Lord Alf Dubs amendment to allow unaccompanied child refugees into the UK Theresa May’s government chooses to put its faith in concrete and barbed wire.

Refugees are not an enemy to be kept from our ramparts. They are people who deserve our care and support.

Trump and May want to build walls but to tackle the refugee crisis and act as decent human beings we should be tearing walls down.


Naima Omar, Student Stand Up to Racism & Uni of Herts

Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President Welfare

Shakira Martin, NUS Vice President FE

Patrick Tatarian; Beatrice Carey; Daisy Bow Du Toit; Haider Chaudry, Kingston Student Union Officers

Antony Hamilton, Student Stand Up to Racism & Uni of Herts

Nadia Sayed, Queen Mary University of London

Enaab Mohammed, Queen Mary University of London

Korkor Kanor, University of East Anglia

Richard Donnelly, Uni of Kingston

Chris Newlove, Uni of Kingston