Tory MP Anne Marie Morris should resign now

PRESS RELEASE 10/07/2017 5:43pm

Tory MP Anne Marie Morris should resign now

Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbott was recorded using the N-word whilst addressing a meeting at the exclusive East India Club in St James Square. She described the possibility of the Brexit negotiations concluding with no deal as “the n****r in the woodpile”.

Such racist language harks back to the horrors of slavery in the American deep South.

Weyman Bennett co-convenor of Stand up to Racism says “There is no excuse for the use of this disgusting racist language, least of all from an MP, Anne Marie Morris should resign immediately. If she fails to do so Theresa May should withdraw the Conservative party whip from Ms Morris and she should be suspended from the House of Commons.”

Stand up to Racism will be pursuing a formal complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.