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  • Report from Up North and Calais – Sally Kincaid

    TU4 sally and st

    We have had a busy few weeks up north and in Calais.

    Just before my May Day bank holiday trip, I did a couple of school assemblies (local secondary school). I had told the youngsters that I didn’t want stuff to help the refugees, which of course I did, I wanted them to help me put political pressure on the government to let the children in. … Read the rest

  • TU4Calais’ Trip – 6th May 2016

    received_10153574873586161This weekend a group of teachers, both NUT and UCU members, visited the camp in Calais. We donated £2,000 raised by South London Stand up to Racism to Care4Calais and then went to the school where a UCU member and ESOL teacher has now been working for three weeks and hopes to stay for longer. … Read the rest

  • UCU’s Calais Summer School


    On March 18th, UCU’s National Executive Committee, or NEC, passed a motion calling for the University and College Lecturer’s union to set up a summer school in the Calais refugee camp.

    This weekend a fact finding delegation from UCU went over to the camp to look at how this can be implemented. … Read the rest

  • Next trip to Calais: half term 28th May to 5th June


    The next TU4Calais trip will be in summer half term, from 28th May to 5th June.

    Please message us on our Facebook page if you would like to get involved or come along: … Read the rest

  • Trade Unionists 4 Calais Day 2


    Day 2 – One teacher’s thoughts: I have just returned from a second visit to the Calais camp; having heard that the school is still standing, despite the destruction of huge swathes of the camp, and that teachers were wanted.

    From a distance it looked like they are standing in acres of ploughed fields, but when you get closer you can see the remains of people’s possessions – shoes, clothes, toys and tents – the meagre possessions of people who fled their countries with only what they could carry – now bulldozed into the soil. … Read the rest

  • Trade Unionists 4 Calais Day 1
    Calais trip 2 pic 1
    Arriving back at “the Jungle” following the demolition of part of the camp.

    Day One – Trade Unionists 4 Calais – Wednesday 30th March

    The second journey to the camp in Calais began with over 20 volunteers arriving. We dropped into the Care 4 Calais warehouse, helped with some of the sorting, heard about the new project to deliver mobile English classes in the camp, as people are reluctant to travel across the open ground to the school. … Read the rest

  • Convoy to Calais and dates of future activities

    There are lots of exciting activities after the 19th March national demonstration.

    Sunday 24 April, London

    Trade Unions for Calais and Stand Up To Racism have called a conference to bring together trade unionists and others and report back on their recent delegation to Calais. … Read the rest

  • Trade Unionists 4 Calais Day 6

    Day Six – trade unionists 4 Calais – Thursday 18th February

    Photo: Sara Tomlinson
    Photo: Sara Tomlinson

    A new arrival describes her day: ‘I can’t believe how much work has gone into the camp. It is amazing being able to help these people. I feel lost for words. … Read the rest

  • Trade Unionists 4 Calais Day 5
    Photo: Zak Cochrane
    Photo: Zak Cochrane

    Day Five – trade unionists for Calais – Wednesday 17th February

    Danny’s night in the camp: I spent the night in the camp with a friend, Ismaeel from Afghanistan, who had been translating for me that day. He speaks Farsi and Pashto and learnt English working for the British Army in Afghanistan. … Read the rest

  • Trade Unionists 4 Calais Day 4

    Day Four – trade unionists 4 Calais – Monday 15th February

    In the words of those who are here as part of the Stand Up To Racism #TU4Calais trip:

    I met a lady who was in the earthquake in Nepal and she had come to volunteer in the warehouse. … Read the rest