Any ‘visit’ by Trump should be met with the broadest possible opposition








Donald Trump may force his way into the UK to ‘visit’ over the next few days, perhaps visiting his Scottish Golf courses on the way to Bastille celebrations in France.

There is no way that Trump, who has just seen his ‘Muslim ban’ revived this week, can be allowed to come to the UK without facing massive protests.

We reject any attempt by the Tories to allow Trump to sneak into the UK and oppose any attempt to give such a visit official status.

This man is a bigot who still wants to ‘build a wall’ to keep out Mexican migrants from the UK. He has sponsored the rise of Islamophobia on a global scale.

We will organise the biggest possible protests if he enters the  UK.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism said: “Donald Trump is following up on his ‘special relationship’ with Theresa May with plans to visit the UK.

Trumps Muslim ban means that any visit should be opposed. We call on Theresa May to refuse to give Trump a state visit.

If May will not oppose the visit we pledge to organise the biggest possible protest against him.”